Vagabond is dedicated to championing film and nurturing filmmaking talent in Milton Keynes through screenings, festivals and workshops that celebrate the moving image in all its forms.

Vagabond is dedicated to all things film related in Milton Keynes.

We organise regular film screening events for local groups and organisations and develop and nurture local filmmaking talent through the Milton Keynes Film Network.

In 2018 we created the first Film Festival in Milton Keynes which featured as part of the IF Milton Keynes.

In July 2021, the Vagabond Film Festival returns to Milton Keynes. Find out more.

We work regularly with the BFI, Arts Council, Milton Keynes Council and Community Action to put on original film related events and grow the range of cultural activites in this fast growing city.

Our story

Vagabond is the culmination of 10 years of experimentation in film exhibition in Milton Keynes.

We started in November 2007 with a trip to Barber’s Electric Picture Palace in Wolverton which was up for sale. A group of people gathered and decided we should try and buy the building and reopen the cinema. This was just before the recession and we were blissfully naive.

As a publicity stunt to help us buy the cinema we borrowed a screen and projector and hired 3 venues. We called it Vagabond Cinema – we wanted to make a point about being homeless and gather some evidence for our funding applications – that was all.

We thought 50 people might turn up, but when more than surprised when 300 people came we suddenly we woke up, realising we had inadvertently stumbled on a powerful way to collaborate with different organisations and to bring people together to show great films.

We bought some equipment with MK Community Foundation grant and decided to take Vagabond on the road into different places in Milton Keynes and since then we have worked with many different groups organisations and communities.

Along the way we adopted a new network of filmmakers so our work became about supporting others to make film as well as showing film.
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