Film Festival ︎ 26–29 July

Short Films in Competition #3

Beyond the Cosmos

Dir. James Hastings
A Short Christmas film set in the 1980's. A young boy befriends a strange man living in the forest. After the boy passes away, on the following christmas a mysterious light appears in the sky. The light catches the mans attention as well as the sister and Mother of the boy. The light leads the man and family to meet. However as soon as they come face to face with this frightening light they soon realise that the light is more familiar than they think...

Around the Sun

Dir. icone studio
The Sun is with its activities intensified. The increase of solar interference makes it almost impossible to generate electrical power on Earth and became obsolete the electronic stuff.  Living with the side effects of choices made by your ancestors Mister X looks for possibilities.

Aux Battements du Parloir (Jail Quarters)

Dir. Pascal Marc
Five pieces of life showing the path of a young man from childhood to his twenties, as he visits his imprisoned father with his mother.


Dir. Mohsen Farajollahi
A young man is trying to escape from a Popcorn box that wakes him up in the middle of the night by a text massage. But whatever he does and wherever he runs, the Popcorn box never leaves him alone.


Dir. Todd Felderstein
The loving routine behind a life-long marriage gets interrupted by a dire secret as Edgar, Mae's thoughtful husband, looks for the perfect opportunity to confess to his wife that their lives are about endure a very dramatic change.


Friday 27 July




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