Film Festival ︎ 26–29 July

London International Animation Festival (LIAF) short film programme for kids 8+


Thursday 26 July




Floating Cinema



Animation, like childhood, can be full of wonder with the biggest pleasures being the simplest ones. This programme carefully chosen for children of 8 and above strips away all the soft-sell toy ads and the over-the-top blockbuster-style special effects to deliver a selection of wonderful films full of joy. This programme is suitable for all ages but especially 8-15 year-olds.

Heads Together

Dir: Job Joris and Marieke
Three friends exchange heads by accident and are forced to adapt to each others life.
Netherlands 2017 (21min)

Mr Night Has A Day Off

Dir: Ignas Meilunas
Unsatisfied, Mr Night is walking around the town changing all things to black until everything is as dark as night.
Lithuania 2017 (2min)

Two Trams

Dir: Svetlana Andrianova
Klick and Tram are two city trams that leave their bus depot every morning.
Russia 2017 (10min)

Shock Therapy

Dir: Bali Engel and Matthieu Landour
Jim is afraid of everything. To cure himself, he decides to invite all his phobias to his home but it’s not a good idea.
UK 2017 (7min)

When I Worry About Things – Annabel’s Story

Dir: Andy Glynne, Liam O’Connor
Annabel has OCD and nervous tics after a period of upheaval, but ultimately she learns to cope with her depression.
UK 2017 (5min)

Dir: Giulia Martinelli, Marta Gennari
In a blue fairytale forest a grumpy granny loses a bottle of wine.
Italy 2016 (6min)

The Shrapnel

Dir: Dmitry Ivanov
A soldier, wounded at war, returns home to his mother.
Russia 2016 (4min)

Water Path For A Fish

Dir: Mercedes Marro
In a Latin American town Oscar sleeps when a sudden gust of wind wakes him up. From his window he sees a goldfish in a dirty puddle, gasping for air.
France 2016 (8min)


Dir: Robert Loebel
Two characters are linked by their hair, influencing each other by every move they make.
Germany 2017 (7min)

Certificate: PG
Running time: various

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